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Please Note Our Hire Terms and Agreement

It is a condition of Hire that the hirer agrees to these terms. Taking possession of any A1 Access & Plant Hire Limited equipment acknowledges agreement with these terms.


(a) The “Owner” is the company firm or person letting the A1 Access & Plant Hire Ltd product on hire and includes their successors, assigns or personal representatives.

(b) The “Hirer” is the company, firm, person, corporation or public authority hiring or taking the “owner’s” A1 Access & Plant Hire Ltd product and includes their successors and/or personal representatives. Hire Rates and Payment of Hire Charges: The A1 Access & Plant Hire Ltd machinery shall be hired at agreed rates. Hire charges are payable in advance and will become due from the date the A1 Access & Plant Hire Ltd product is delivered to site for the initial month or part month.

Credit terms, if agreed, are 30 days as agreed with customer, from date of delivery/acceptance of hire item. Payment for delivery/collection (including attempted delivery/collection) of equipment must also be paid in advance, unless a credit agreement has been entered into or an account opened.

The hirer must satisfy the owner as to his/her/its identity and when the hirer is a company, corporation or public body, the individual dealing on behalf of the body, verify that he/she has the authority to act on behalf of the hirer. In the event that any part of an account becomes overdue then all of the account becomes due.

The hirer will become liable for all costs associated with collecting the sums due. Overdue sums will attract intrest payments of 6.5%.

Safe Use and Care of Hired Equipment

The hirer shall inspect the equipment at the commencement of the hire period and ensure that the equipment is in good condition and fit for its intended purpose.

Any damage malfunction to the machine should be noted on the delivery docket as the owner cannot accept liability for such unless noted at this time and the hirer may be held liable for any damage (other than reasonable wear and tear) noted at the end of the hire period.

The hirer is responsible for the safe and proper use of the equipment. The hirer undertakes to ensure that only trained operators familiar with the machine type will operate it.

The Hirer will provide suitable safety harnesses for those raised aloft, in compliance with the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (General Application regulations ) 2007 –work at height section.

The hirer will ensure the equipment is operated in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines (available in the manual) and that the operating criteria such as Safe Working Load (SWL) and Reach etc. are never exceeded.

The hirer will take all reasonable steps to prevent damage to the equipment caused by the use of the machine while on hire. This includes taking steps to prevent damage from paint, plaster, cement and other chemicals.

The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all statutory inspections required by law are carried out as required and that records of these inspections are made and kept as per the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) regulations 2007 (form GA3). A1 Access and Plant Hire Ltd. are responsible for performing the six-monthly thorough inspections required and for supplying up to date certification to support these inspections.

The hirer shall be responsible for carrying out all the maintenance normally carried out by the operator (as distinct from that normally carried out by an engineer or technician.

Limitation of Liability/ Insurance

The owner shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any death or injury or loss or damage of any kind whatsoever arising and howsoever arising including(without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) any death or injury or a loss or damage arising from any defect in the A1 Access & Plant Hire Ltd product or failure to make available to delay in making available any product it shall be the responsibility of the hirer to arrange insurance cover in respect of all risks imposed upon him by this agreement.


If the A1 Access & Plant Hire Ltd products are involved in any accident resulting in the injury to persons or damage to property, preliminary notice must be given immediately(by telephone) to the owner and a full report in writing to the owner’s office within three days of the incident.

The hirer will permit A1 Access & Plant Hire Ltd. and/or it’s agents access to the equipment so that they may investigate such accidents on their behalf. In the event of a reportable accident, the hirer is responsible for all statutory reports that need to be made.


The hirer shall not sub-let, part with possession or lend the A1 Access & Plant Hire Ltd product or any part thereof to any third part without first receiving permission off the owner.

Repairs and Adjustments:

The hirer shall not attempt to repair the A1 Access & Plant Hire Ltd product unless specifically authorised by the owner, and if so authorised, shall only be carried out by a qualified technician who will issue a certificate of inspection as required by the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 on completion and prior to the machine being returned to service.

No allowance for hire charges or for the cost of repairs will be made by the owner to the hirer unless such repairs have been specifically authorised by the owner.

Retention of Title

The ownership of the goods supplied as per this invoice shall be only transferred to the purchaser when the full amount of the purchase price has been discharged.

In default of payment, title shall remain with A1 Access & plant Hire Ltd and it shall have the right to repossess the goods without notice or other formality. Customer Signature Branch Signature.